Pucker Bikini Bottoms

Our famous pucker back bikinis also known as scrunch butt bikini bottoms are designed to hug the contour of your backside for a fuller, more rounded look. The puckered stitching, also referred to as ruched stitching, creates definition in the back and prevents the fabric from sagging once it gets wet and helps prevent the dreaded wedgie. We offer a variety of styles ranging from minimal coverage, such as our Whaletail Thong, to full coverage, like our Full Pucker, with plenty of stops in between. We have put together a large selection of solid colors, exotic prints, and dazzling embellishments to go along with our extensive style selection so that you can tailor your look to exactly what you want. Check out our curated collection of pucker back bikini bottoms to find the perfect one that is just right for you.


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