Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

Best Bikini For Your Body Shape

Curious what the best bikini for your body shape is? We’re here to shed some light on your quest to find your perfect swimwear match!

We believe there is a perfect bikini or swimsuit match for everyone. From curvier figures to more athletic frames, we’ve spent years honing in our handcrafted bikini and swimsuit styles in an effort to provide a tailored swimwear selection that complements your shape and builds your confidence.

We created TeenyB to empower others, embrace body positivity, build bikini confidence, and spread our bikini love worldwide. Our customer service team gets a lot of inquiries about what may be the right bikini for you. We are going to start with some of the most asked questions to help guide you.

A lot of the questions received tend to be about bikini tops and cup/bust size. Since we do offer several bikini top options, it can be challenging to know where to start. While we do believe Triangle Tops are for everyone, we also have some more specific styles that are tailored to those with smaller chests, fuller busts, narrow frames, and wider frames. Some key things we try to keep in mind are bikini adjustability, bikini support, and bikini comfort.

We developed our Bikini tops guide to provide a more detailed look at each top style we currently offer. We also have other tools to help you on your journey such as our bikini top sizing guide. These tools will help assist you when making a swimwear decision as well. Here are some of our favorite breakdowns that we have shared with our customers.

Best Bikini Top for Your Body Shape

Find the best bikini top for: Smaller Chest, Full Bust, Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Hourglass Shape, or Athletic Shape.

Smaller Chest

Want to enhance what’s there? There are a few approaches to try.

Plunge Necklines, Knotted Tops, and Bandeaus are a great place to look.

These styles can provide an illusion of added volume, creating a fuller bust appearance.

For further breakdown, check out our guide to the Smaller Chest.

Full Bust

With a full bust, support is key. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bikini. Am I right?

Start with looking for Halter Tops, Wrap Tops, Sport Tops, or Crop Tops.

These styles can provide adjustability, comfort, support, or lift depending on what you are searching for.

Don’t count out triangle tops though just yet. That’s right, you heard us. We have a style that may fit your needs!

For further breakdown, check out our guide to the Full Bust.

Pear Shape Top

With a pear shape, balance is the game. We recommend drawing the eye up to create symmetry.

Plunge Necklines, Bandeau Tops, Butterfly Tops, and Bold Prints should do the trick.

These styles can draw attention to the top, creating a balanced bikini look.

For further breakdown, check out our guide to the Pear Shape.

Apple Shape Top

The apple shape is all about finding that flattering fit. With a more circular frame, we recommend working with angles to elongate your look.

Plunge Necklines, Deep V Tops, and Triangle Bikinis are a great place to start.

These styles can elongate your shape, creating a balanced bikini style that is just right for your frame.

For further breakdown, check out our guide to the Apple Shape.

Curvy Shape Top (Hourglass)

Curvy on top and at the hips, smaller in the waist? You’re working with an hourglass shape. We find that the hourglass shape can have a small bust or a fuller bust, so it’s all about finding an adjustable, flattering fit.

Butterfly Tops, Wrap Tops, and Sweetheart style tops are a fun place to start!

Don’t cross out Triangle Bikini Tops either. We know you have to love the swim style to want to wear it, so it’s important to explore what style you're drawn to as well.

These styles can flatter your curves up top while providing some support without being overly revealing. We love building bikini confidence.

For further breakdown, check out the guide to the Curvy Hourglass Shape.

Athletic Shape Top

With the athletic body shape, we often find that it is a more elongated shape, more rectangular. Working with the same width in the shoulders, the midsection, and the hips, we often get asked by our customers with this body shape how to enhance their curves or give the illusion thereof.

We wanted to share the tips that we’ve provided!

Halter Top Styles, Triangle Top Styles, and Playful Prints can add the illusion of curves and enhance what you have naturally.

For a further breakdown, check out the guide to the Athletic Body Shape.

After reading about and finding your perfect bikini top, you’ve gotten to learn about some of our favorite swimsuit top styles and why they have come to exist. Want to learn more about our swimsuit bottoms? We have curated some helpful information to help you on your quest to finding the perfect bikini just for you. Check out the next section where we discuss how to tackle finding the best bikini bottom for your body.

Best Bikini Bottom for Your Body Shape

Find the best bikini bottom fit for: Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Hourglass Shape, or Athletic Shape.

Do you have your perfect bikini top figured out, but need help figuring out your perfect bikini bottom match?

We got you covered! Or not, if you prefer the cheekier side of things. The reality is, your perfect match may be a few styles, and that’s okay. We, personally, like to be in an open bikini relationship to be honest. It can be more fun to keep a few bikini bottom styles in rotation depending on what your weekend getaway calls for.

Just as we pointed out above with the bikini top breakdown, we have some useful bikini bottom tools. Check out our Bikini Bottom Guide for a further detailed breakdown on the styles currently offered. We also have our Bikini Bottom Sizing Guide to assist you in figuring out how to measure for the best fit. Let’s narrow things down a bit more.

Pear Shape Bottom

With a pear body shape, balance is where it’s at. You’re more narrow up top and rocking a wider hip. We have some tips and styles that may do the trick!

Solid colors are where it’s at when you are considering your bikini bottom styles. Giving you endless bikini options for mix and matching. If you found a bold print on top, start with a solid color bikini bottom that either matches or accents some of the colors from the pattern.

Look for solid colors in some of these styles: Tie-Sides, Cheeky Thongs, or Brazilian bikini bottoms are a win!

These bikini bottom styles can enhance what you’re naturally working with or dial it down, depending on what you’re going for.

For a further breakdown, check out our guide to the Pear Shape.

Apple Shape Bottom

Working with a wider midsection and more narrow at the top and hips? You’re looking for the best bikini bottom for your apple shape. We love playing with angles to elongate the frame here.

Some key bikini bottom styles to consider?

Check out our High-Waist Bikini Bottoms, Banded Brazilian, or Banded Thong bikini bottom styles.

Considering a one-piece swimsuit? Think about the Tulum One-Piece with a thong bottom style or the Santorini Plunge one-piece with a Brazilian bottom style.

For a further breakdown, check out our guide to the Apple Shape.

Curvy Shape Bottom

Curvy girls! You’re rocking more curves at the top and hips with a more narrow midsection. If this sounds like you, we have some style tips that may help your perfect bikini search.

If you want to play up your bombshell vibe or reign it in, we have some style recommendations that will suit your swim style needs. Check out the guide to the Curvy Hourglass Shape for a full breakdown.

Some bikini bottom styles to consider: The Tie-Side Seamless Thong, Pucker Bikini Bottoms, and Brazilian Bikini Bottom styles.

Some key tips we’ve shared with customers. If you are considering a bikini bottom style with elastic side straps, it may be worth considering sizing up to provide more adjustability across the hips. Also, our Naturale Collection features flexible fabric sides on most styles that provide a comfortable, flattering fit that doesn’t dig into your shape. Read more in the Curvy Shape guide.

Athletic Shape Bottom

Working with the same width up top, in your midsection, and at your hips? You’re looking for the best bikini bottom for your athletic body shape then. We have some tips that may inspire your swimwear selection.

It’s all about softening the frame and adding volume up top and at the hips. Some styles to consider come from our Naturale Collection and Downtown Collection.

Look at the Seamless Thong, Peek-A-Boo Bottom Styles, and Bold Prints too!

For a further breakdown, check out our Athletic Shape Guide.

Full Breakdown Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

Smaller Chest

Have a smaller chest with an A cup or B cup size?

For a plunge neckline, consider triangle tops your best friend! Our first go-to is our Enhanced Cut Triangle Bikini Top, conceptualized just for those with smaller chests who want to add volume and create the illusion of a fuller bust. Adjustable ties around the neck and back provide the perfect fit to your frame. The tailored design utilizes a slight curvature on the inside of the triangle to maximize cleavage. The style naturally runs smaller, we’d recommend ordering your normal size with a smaller chest to get the best fit.

The Peek-A-Boo Triangle Bikini Top is another favorite among those with a smaller chest. The added playfulness of the cutout draws the attention up and the adjustable cups allow you to scrunch the triangle providing some added volume to the chest.

Looking for something other than a triangle bikini style? Try our beloved Bandeau styles and Knotted Top styles.

These are fun alternatives and allow you to infuse some exciting styles into your bikini wardrobe. The Knotted Sport Top provides adjustability with the knotted front to achieve a comfortable fit while creating an eye-catching and enhancing detail, perfect for a smaller chest.

The Cutout Bandeau is one of our favorite styles and is perfect for a smaller bust. The tailored cutouts give a peek-a-boo attitude while also providing some added fullness in appearance. Not feeling the cutouts? Checkout the Mesh Insert Bandeau for a more covered appearance without compromising style or sex appeal.

Still want more? Our Banded Peek-A-Boo bikini top may be just the fit. With a banded base to anchor the fit, the top features adjustable tie back to create the perfect fit for your chest size. Smaller cup sizes benefit with the added peek-a-boo detail at front, enhancing the appearance of your cleavage.

Not feeling a bikini this season? Consider our Tulum Plunge one-piece swimsuit or the Santorini Plunge one-piece swimsuit. These plunge necklines are perfect for smaller chests.

There are several options to consider for a small chest. We are so happy to hear from our customers and what they love about our suits or where they can improve. That’s where some of our designs come from, feedback! Fortunately, for you, we’ve worked pretty hard for our small chest bikini lovers, we hope you enjoy the styles too!

Full Bust

For a full bust, support is a must. Determining if you want to minimize your assets or maximize them is helpful.

Something to keep in mind is whether your full cup size is natural or augmented. This can play a role in further refining your selection. With a fuller natural cup size, adjustability at back and neck is helpful to provide support and lift. While a more augmented chest may prefer more fixed backs that still offer support with a secure fit.

Our top contender, meet the Cutout Halter bikini top. Featuring adjustable ties that provide comfort around the neck supporting the weight of a fuller chest and provide the perfect fit around your chest circumference. The cutouts lend a trendsetting look to our halter top style that provides unexpected support, comfort, and maintains a sexiness without being to va-va-voom.

Give some thought to the Mesh Insert Halter bikini top as well. This halter bikini style provides some coverage for a full bust, the mesh insert shows just the right amount of cleavage. Perfect for more active outings with paddle boarding or kayaking, where you don’t want to feel like you are going to spill out everywhere! Adjustable ties at the back allow you to get the right fit and lift to feel supported and provide comfort.

The Wrap bikini top, this one is another customer favorite. Featuring adjustable ties at the neck and a couple of ways to tie the wrap portion as well. This top is surprisingly secure on fuller cup sizes, and regardless of your frame size, you can get a seamless fit that is just right for you.

For full, natural cups, try tying the wrap at front first, as though you were going to tie a bow, then wrap and tie in the back. This gives a nice, supportive fit and provides separation, so you don’t feel like you have a uniboob look. We hate when that happens! If you know, you know.

If you want a more secure fit, or if you are trying to downplay your chest, our Sporty Swimwear Tops are a perfect solution. Great for more active bikini outings, this may be the style option to consider. The double-sided fabric offers support without digging into your frame. The narrow t-back cut reduces the appearance of back rolls while the scoop neckline provides just the right amount of coverage to still feel sexy without being too exposed. We wanted to make a sport bra style that made us feel confident and comfortable, we hope you feel the same way!

Don’t count out Triangle Tops though just yet!

We have a lot of customers with a full bust who prefer a Triangle bikini style. So, we’ve worked over the years to try and perfect our Classic Cut Triangle to accommodate a size range that provides coverage and sex appeal. Be sure to use the tops sizing guide to select a size based on cup size. Even a narrow frame may still need a size XL to accommodate cup size.

Having a full bust can feel limiting with swimsuit top options, or, at least that’s how we felt for years. We’ve developed several styles we know and love for a fuller cup size, because we know how frustrating finding the perfect one can be. We hope you feel as happy in our styles as we do. Once you know, you know.

Pear Shape

Curvier at the hips and thighs and smaller on top? We hear you, and we have some tips. The pear shape body can benefit from a balanced approach to keep things in proportion. Determining if you want to minimize your bottom half or embrace it is something to consider.

For bikini top styles, the trick is to draw attention to the top. Bikini tops with bold prints are great for this! You can choose a Triangle bikini tops such as the seamless micro string top to give a plunge neckline aesthetic. We offer a variety of prints in this triangle bikini style, and you can always pair a solid bikini bottom, for a mix and match look, if you are trying to minimize your rear.

Other styles to consider adding some volume on top? The wide butterfly bikini top. This swimsuit style is great for all cup sizes, but especially if you are narrow in the frame up top, it adds an illusion of volume on top while providing a comfortable, adjustable fit. From our Naturale Collection, this style often comes in some playful prints, perfect to draw the eye up and mix and match with a solid bikini bottom style.

Always loved a bandeau style, thought that it would compress your chest up top too much? We created some unique bandeau bikini styles. We’ve always been turned off to the typical bandeau style that made us feel squished up top.

Our mesh insert bandeau and cutout bandeau style provide a flexible and flattering fit while still adding volume up top. The mesh insert bandeau sometimes comes in a bold print, a great style to consider.

The cutout bandeau, while oftentimes in a solid color, is still a swim style worth consideration. With strategic cut outs that are horizontal, this helps to provide the illusion of more balance up top, drawing the eye up.

Have the perfect top for your pear body shape? Let’s explore some bikini bottom styles to complete your swim look!

Consider if you want to accentuate your natural curves that you’re rocking at the hips and rear or if you want to dial them in a smidge. Solid colors are a great place to start either way, this will help to bring balance and create some proportion to your figure.

Explore some of our cheeky thong options to play up those natural assets. Our seamless thong tie sides are great since they provide adjustable ties at sides ensuring you get the best fit for your shape.

Thinking about some of our Mid-Rise Cheeky Thong styles? These are great too, they have elastic side straps which provide flexibility, however, if you are wider at the hips, consider sizing up as it won’t change the fit of the front or back material, it will add a bit more stretch with those side straps making you feel comfortable and confident.

Looking for something that brings balance and more coverage? Our Brazilian bikini bottom with full pucker detail at back is a great swim style to consider. In an array of solid hues, this is a great go-to bikini bottom that can be paired with any style top for the perfect bikini look. It’s a swim bottom style that can provide more coverage, remain cheeky, and have you feeling confident in your curves.

Work your curves friend. Now that you’ve found the perfect swimsuit top and swimsuit bottom for your pear shape, there is nothing stopping you now. Enjoy the sun on your skin, the sea in your hair, and the sand in your toes. Don’t forget sunscreen and your monoi oil!

Apple Shape

Curvier in the middle? Our mombod feels you! The apple body shape is generally a more circular frame. We have some tips! In our experience the apple shape benefits from elongating the frame to create a more balanced swimsuit look. Want to explore this option and keep things in proportion? First, it’s key to determine if you want to create a shapelier look or if you want to dial a specific area down.

For bikini bottom styles, get high waisted with your swim look! This is an easy way to create some shape to your mid-section. Our high-waist bikini bottoms are supportive and comfortable since they are double sided with bikini fabric.

They are some of our favorite bikini bottom styles because they don’t dig in making you feel like you’ve squeezed into something you shouldn’t have. With both Brazilian and thong backside styles, there is a high-waist style to suit your coverage needs. The other benefit? They have a French cut style side which also helps balance your frame, elongating your torso and legs.

Want something a little more timeless? Try our Banded Brazilian or Banded Thong Bikini Bottom styles. These have the flexibility to pull up a little higher on the hips to create a longer look to your torso and legs too!

Considering a one-piece swimwear style? The apple silhouette also benefits from plunge necklines as seen in our One-Piece Swimwear Collection. Consider the Tulum One-Piece swimsuit in a solid color or our Santorini Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit for a bit more coverage. These swimwear styles instantly give us confidence when we slip them on.

Searching for your best bikini top styles? Triangle bikini tops can be a friend, since they are the ultimate deep-v neckline. The adjustable ties at neck and back ensure you’ll get the perfect fit each time and triangle swim tops are great for small cup sizes and large cup sizes alike. Consider our Deep-V Racerback Bikini Top, this is another great style to add to your bikini wardrobe.

Other favorite sporty bikini top styles include our Lattice Halter top, it draws the eye up and elongates with strategic cutouts at center, and the Mesh Insert Halter Bikini top, also elongates the frame with a linear styling and playful mesh paneling at front. Both sporty swimsuit top styles feature adjustable ties at back, perfect for tailoring your fit while feeling supported.

Embrace that apple shape! We’ve stepped up our swimsuit style variety over the years to support and flatter your apple figure. We know and feel the importance of handcrafted swimsuit pieces that don’t dig in, that’s the last thing our apple shape wants. Now that you’ve found your perfect swimsuit match, be sure to tag us @teenyb_bikinis on Instagram and show us how you wear your TeenyB!

Curvy Shape (Hourglass)

Rocking some curves on top and at the hips, while being smaller in the midsection? You’re working with a curvy hourglass figure. We find that with curves, you can still have a small bust or fuller bust with the hourglass shape. This may determine how much support you are interested in when it comes to shopping for the perfect swimsuit top.

There are several flattering styles that could suit your needs for the top and bottom. It’s worth considering how much you want to play up or play down your assets. If you want to go full bombshell, we feel you, and we got you. If you want to stay more classic, and refine your swim style, we have you covered too!

Want to play into the bombshell vibe? Triangle bikini tops are always a win. Our Micro String Triangle Bikini top is a favorite for small cup sizes and large cup sizes alike. The minimalist aesthetic is hard to resist. The adjustable ties at neck and back ensure the perfect fit given that you may have a more harrow midsection.

To dial down the vixen vibe, we have some beautiful swim tops that will inspire confidence, keep it classic, and still have you feeling sexy. Consider the wrap bikini top, another great adjustable swim style. With adjustable ties at neck and adjustable wrap ties that can be styled a couple of ways, this is a great choice if you are looking for support, comfort, and endless style for seasons to come.

Our Butterfly bikini top, especially the wide butterfly bikini top, is another great style choice. This swimsuit top features adjustable ties at neck and back, perfect for getting a great fit each time you slip it on. With the peek-a-boo detail at front, this style highlights your curves up top without overly accentuating.

Want something that provides a bit more coverage on top? Check out our Sweetheart Mesh Halter bikini top. This style is a fixed style, meaning non-adjustable, sporting a slim racerback fit. The mesh inserts at front highlight your curves while keeping this sporty swimsuit style breathable and adding an element of sex appeal.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for the best swimsuit bottom for your curves at the hips and rear. Adjustable tie-side styles are great since you can make sure you get the right fit across your hips. If you are considering a style with elastic side straps, you may want to order a size up as many of these styles are low rise and sized according to hip width.

This doesn’t change the fit of the front or back so much as it will give you a little more flexibility across your hips. Another great thought, shop some styles from our Naturale Collection, many of these feature flexible fabric side straps that are designed to flatter and hug your curves without digging in.

Now, if you want to continue your bombshell vibe, check out the Seamless Thong Tie-Side bikini bottom. This is one of our favorite thong swim styles that makes us feel sexy, ensures the perfect fit at the hips, and isn’t too cheeky for a thong bikini style if you know what we mean.

If you are wanting something with more coverage, yet still sexy, consider our Brazilian Bikini bottom with full pucker. A great swimsuit style with elastic side straps or flexible fabric sides depending on the Collection you shop. This style offers coverage, still keeping things cheeky in Brazilian fashionand provides full pucker detail at the backside highlighting your shape while keeping things in place.

Looking for something that offers a little more material on the sides, checkout our Brazilian Bikini Bottom with mesh inserts. This style has mesh paneling at sides that lightens up the fit and feel of this coveted swimsuit bottom. The smooth backside keeps this bikini bottom classic and sexy, leaving you feeling refined and confident in your bikini look.

Bombshell or demure, depending on your mood and venue there is a swimsuit style that will make you feel confident no matter the occasion. Curvy friends, you know what we’re talking about. Because you share your feedback with us too, we’ve been able to modify a few bikini styles to ensure a flattering fit when you’re working with curves.

Athletic Body Shape

Feeling like your curves aren’t showing? We have customers consistently writing to us looking for something that can add volume to their athletic frame. The athletic body shape is about the same width at the shoulders, the mid-section, and the hip area. Sometimes described as more rectangular. If you identify with this, we have some tips!

As always, something to consider is if you have a small cup size or a large cup size? We are going to go over some styles that are great for both small cups and large cups alike, that will soften the frame.

A triangle bikini top is a cornerstone swimsuit style. Since our triangles are more minimalist, this is a great way to show off the curves you have and get the adjustable fit you may need at neck and back. Check out the Enhanced Cut Triangle Bikini Top style if you want to add the illusion of volume to your chest, or enhance the curves you have, providing a softness to your frame up top. The Peek-A-Boo Triangle Bikini top is another favorite to add the illusion of volume with the playful teardrop shape cutouts.

Looking for an alternative to the Triangle styles? Check out some of our Halter Bikini Top styles. Our cutout halter bikini top is a great swimsuit style that adds a playful sexiness to your physique without compromising coverage if you want to get active in the sun. With an adjustable tie back, this is a great style for athletic body frames, because you can ensure a great fit regardless of your cup size, feel confident, and feel like you have some curves up top.

Another halter top favorite? The Knotted Sport Bikini top. This is a great way to get an adjustable fit. The plunge neckline enhances your cup size without spilling out whether you are working with a smaller chest or fuller bust. It’s cute, it’s supportive, and it adds a softness to the athletic frame that our customers consistently love.

Don’t just stick to solid colors either, a great way to add some volume and shape is with a bold print. Be sure to look for some of our Triangle Styles and Halter Styles in our Print Bikini styles too!

Have your swimsuit top picked out and ready to explore bikini bottoms? Consider styles with narrow side straps, these can be pulled up a little higher to add some shape to your hips while still providing a comfortable fit.

Bikini bottom styles from our Naturale Collection or Bliss Collection. From Seamless Thong bikini bottom styles, Peek-a-Boo Brazilian Half Puckers, or Brazilian Full Pucker II’s, there is a style that will suit your needs and your frame just right.

The seamless thong bikini bottom keeps things cheeky and sexy while having a minimal aesthetic. The thin rope string side straps help to add shape to your hips, softening your frame. Want something with more moderate coverage? Consider our Peek-A-Boo bottom styles from the Bliss Collection like our Peek-A-Boo Brazilian Half Pucker. This must-have bikini bottom style has playful teardrop cutouts that help to add the illusion of curves. This swim style still sports thin elastic side straps, further enhancing the illusion of curves.

If fuller coverage with a sportier vibe is what you are after, check out our Brazilian bikini bottom with a full pucker from our Naturale Collection. This style keeps it slim at the side straps, offering flexible fabric that tailors to your shape. The pucker detail at back keeps this suit style in place while providing more coverage than our thong and cheekier styles. A great style choice if you want to stay active outside with paddle boarding, kayaking, or just chasing kids.

Whew! After all of that mental trying on, can we just say, you look amazing! Swimwear shopping can feel defeating, overwhelming, and depressing at times. That’s why we wanted to take the time and share our TeenyB insight to help you navigate finding the best bikini for your body shape. Creating a positive shopping experience, where you feel confident in what you are selecting. We feel that swimwear is something that should compliment and empower everyone who slips into a TeenyB. Finding the right piece, it’s not a one style fits all, it’s about learning what styles are best to accentuate and flatter your body shape.

From smaller busts to curvier frames, TeenyB has spent years developing and honing in our swimwear style range. We’ve perfected our enhanced cut triangle top, a great choice to accentuate the bust line on smaller cup sizes. We’ve introduced high-waisted French cut bikini bottoms to define waist lines on apple shapes.

One of our favorite top styles, the cutout halter bikini top, features adjustable ties at back, making it an excellent choice for larger busts, augmented or natural, because it is supportive, attractive, and can fit your frame just right.

We know with curvier frames, it’s all about finding supportive styles that don’t dig in. Each of our TeenyB swimsuit styles are handcrafted and made in sunny Clearwater, Florida. This ensures a tailored fit, on all styles, which translates to supportive bikini styles, that stay put, and flatter your shape just right.

Our athletic clients over the years have encouraged us to explore sporty swimsuit styles, that not only can endure outside activities while looking trendy, but also flatter and create the look of curves. With strategically placed cutouts and use of sheer power mesh fabric, we’ve curated a wide range of sporty bikini styles that are perfect for having fun in the sun while flattering the athletic frame.

Don’t forget about pear body shapes, more narrow up top and curvier on the bottom. The name of the game is balance. Draw the eye upward with cutout details or bold patterns. Pair with solid color swimsuit bottoms, if you’re feeling saucy, embrace the thong. Want something that offers more coverage, go with narrow side straps across the hips to further balance the shape.

With such an extensive line of swimsuit styles, solid colors, and playful prints, we hope you learned of a style or a bikini building approach that gets you the best bikini for your body shape this season, and every swimsuit season to come. Happy Shopping!

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