How to Wash Our Swimsuits

You’ve perfectly curated your bikini collection, and you’ve made heads turn with your radiant suits. After enjoying a beach trip or pool day, though, it’s time to wash your bikini bottoms and top! Caring for your TeenyB bikini is important in order to keep it looking glamorous. Sun, sand, pool chemicals, and those arm temperatures we all love can be rather harsh on delicate fabric, making it even more essential to clean your suit the right way. We go through the must-dos and never-dos when it comes to caring for and washing your swimsuit, so your bikini will be fresh and beautiful every time you’re ready to strut your stuff in it!

Tips for Caring for Your TeenyB Bikini

  • Avoid Sitting on Rough Surfaces
  • Stick to comfy lounge chairs, a soft towel, sand, or grass. Sitting on concrete next to the pool or wood, for example, can snag the delicate fabric. Keep your suit looking sleek and sexy by avoiding rough surfaces.

  • Wash Your Suit Every Time
  • That’s right—even if you didn’t take a dip in the pool, hot tub, or ocean, it’s best to wash your suit and remove any oils, sunscreen, or lotion that may have made its way onto your bikini.

  • Don't Use the Washing Machine
  • The harshness of a washing machine can corrode your suit over time—delicately handwashing your bikini is the best method to extend the life of your bikini.

  • Avoid Spas or Tanning Oils (if possible)
  • Over time, the chemicals in these products may stretch the elastic in some of our trims. Make sure your bikini remains snug with a second-skin feel by minimizing its contact with spas and tanning oils.

  • Rinse Your Bikini Right Away
  • As soon as you take off your suit, we recommend rinsing it off if you don’t have time for a thorough wash. In this way, your TeenyB bikini will have less time to absorb harsh agents, including sunscreen, salt, and chlorine.

  • Dry Your Suit Indoors or in the Shade
  • If your bikini dries directly in the sun, the beautiful colors may fade over time.

  • Treat the Crystals and Jewels Carefully
  • Many TeenyB trims are made with crystals and other fine jewels, creating a stunning appearance! To keep these sparkling embellishments looking their best without breaking or chipping, they should be treated as delicately as you would your favorite piece of jewelry. Avoiding throwing your suit or washing in a machine.

  • Wash Your Bikini with like Colors
  • If you’re washing a few bikinis or undergarments together in a bucket, make sure to avoid mixing light and dark colors, as colors may bleed.

  • Do Not Bleach or Dry Clean
  • Excessive heat or harsh chemicals can ruin your bikinis, so make sure to only use gentle chemicals and to only dry your suits by hanging them.

How to Wash Your TeenyB Bikini

Below we go through the 5 steps to wash and dry your bikini the right way.

  1. If you don’t have time for a complete wash, rinse your suit immediately after wearing it.
  2. Fill your sink with cool water; high temperatures may damage your suit.
  3. Hand wash your swimsuit in the sink with mild detergent. If you don’t have mild detergent on hand, white vinegar or a dab of shampoo may also work.
  4. Gently squeeze the water off your bathing suit, but avoid wringing the suit, as it may alter the shape.
  5. Lay your suit flat to dry in a shaded spot or indoors.

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Whether you’re on a resort getaway, a beach weekend, or you’re just enjoying the local pool, your TeenyB bikini is sure to spruce up the day! With plenty of bikini tops and bottoms to choose from, you can find the sexiest look to match your vibe. Caring for your TeenyB bikini, however, is critical to extending the life of your favorite suits, so keep your TeenyB bikinis in top condition by washing them correctly—and treating them delicately!

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