Responding to Covid-19

Dear TeenyB Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued support during these crazy times. All of our thoughts are on the COVID-19 situation. We feel deeply for those who have been impacted by the course of COVID-19. As you know, Teeny Bikini has always been a family owned and operated small business focusing on quality and handcrafted manufacturing. We handle and produce everything in house, in Greater Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

While we know the concern lies globally with the novel coronavirus pandemic, we want to ensure we are doing our part to care for our team, our customers, our community, and our economy.

We have positioned ourselves to be able to accomplish many of our goals in production and customer service in a sanitary and quarantined manner per the CDC guidelines. We have focused on ensuring our Spring and Summer Launch bikinis are on schedule as well as added an emphasis on restocking our most popular and essential bikinis.

In addition to the restocking emphasis, we have provided ongoing sales of these essential bikini pieces since the onset of the pandemic in an effort to bring our female crafted bikinis to you, our loyal customer, at a price point that may be more attainable during these challenging monetary times.

We are currently strategizing best practices and ways to support those we care about while trying to find our footing during such a challenging time for our society and our economy.

As we work to sustain and evolve TeenyB during and after the pandemic, we have no idea what the future holds. As a small business, we are saddened by the chance our business may not survive the economic fallout created by the pandemic, yet we are excited at the opportunity to fight to keep TeenyB going and make our brand the best in can be for you, our loyal customers, our loyal team members, and our local community.

We are currently taking everything in stride, one day at a time. As we do such, we want to reiterate some of our best practices that have been ongoing during this time. Order fulfillment will be kept up to date by our team members who have self-quarantined and have no interaction with the main public. Our manufacturing team is working to maintain our existing inventory and create medical grade masks that we are donating to medical professionals in our local community. Additionally, we have been raising money from our Seasonal Sale to donate to local non-profit organizations, Feeding Tampa Bay and The Kind Mouse, to keep the mouths of local children fed during these uncertain times. We are continuing to seek ways in which we can be of better service. We look forward to making it to the other side of this pandemic. We love you all.

Stay sunny, stay safe and remember, get your vitamin D in a TeenyB.

covid face masks

TeenyB + Manufacturing

Did you know all of our bikinis are hand-crafted by women and produced in-house at TeenyB, in Greater Tampa Bay, Florida?

We pride ourselves on this detail. Because of this unique fact, we have had the opportunity to work with local hospitals in our Tampa Bay area, who have provided us medical grade fabric. We’ve been able to combine the medical grade fabric with our bikini fabric into comfortable and protective masks for local medical professionals who are helping to provide care for those in need during the ongoing pandemic. We have been able to make more than 500 masks after 2 weeks, and as fabric becomes available, we plan on making as many masks as we can to support our medical professionals in the area who are helping to heal those suffering from the COVID-19 disease.

TeenyB + Employees

During this time of uncertainty and stress we are working together to find ways for our valued employees to maintain working hours and flexibility. We wanted to share an update on how TeenyB and our sister outlet brand, Swim6, are working to keep those around us safe and still stocked for the Spring and Summer Breaks upon us. We pride our brand on not outsourcing any of our manufacturing work. Since we make all of our patterns and swimsuits in-house in Tampa Bay, Florida, we can ensure the current guidelines provided by the CDC are being met during the current pandemic. There have been increased sanitization measures taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our team, as well as our product that is being shipped out. Order fulfillment, Customer Service, and Manufacturing, will be maintained by our team members who have self-quarantined and have no interaction with the main public.

TeenyB + Community

Since the onset of this pandemic we consistently have been asking ourselves, “What can we do to help our local Tampa Bay community?” While we are a small team, we have big hearts and want to continue nurturing our community where possible. Making and donating the masks have kept our hearts a little fuller during these uncertain times. We still wanted to provide additional support. Feeding Tampa Bay and The Kind Mouse are two local non-profit organizations in Hillsborough County and Pinellas county, respectively. These organizations work to keep the mouths of children fed, especially during these unpredictable days. Being a family owned small business, many of our employees are parents themselves, and with the impact this novel coronavirus has had on many families, our hearts hurt to think of the children who may go without a meal. We started our Seasonal Sale page as a way to provide a lower price point for some of our best-selling bikinis while raising money to donate to these local organizations.

TeenyB + Loyal Customers

Early on as we followed the pandemic we began seeing the impact COVID-19 was having on our economy. As a handcrafted bikini company, we knew our luxury bikini goods wouldn’t be a top priority for many during these times. Even so, we couldn’t imagine our days without getting some Vitamin D in our quality TeenyB swimsuits. The Vitamin D helps keep us calm and collected as we navigate this new normal we’re adjusting to. We looked at our best-selling, essential bikinis that we can keep stocked, and wanted to offer them at a reduced price to make them an attainable purchase during the pandemic. While we have stocked up on our own essentials for our pantry, we know how good it feels to slip into a TeenyB. While we aren’t doing the same online shopping damage right now, we wanted to make a splurge for yourself a little bit sweeter on your wallet.

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