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Bikini Bottom Size Chart

Bikini Bottoms

Our bikini bottoms are low-cut and Brazilian style with minimal coverage, crafted to hug all your curves. Although most of our styles are low rise and narrow in the back, we have a variety of styles for you to choose from.

How to Measure

In order to find your size, you’ll need to first take a couple of measurements. Grab a tape measure and measure the following. Ideally, get someone else to measure for you, and make sure the tape measure isn’t overly tight or overly loose. Keep note of all your measurements so you can reference them.


Have the tape measure sitting above your hips at your natural waistline. This should be at the narrowest part of your torso. For the best results, do not measure over a shirt and breathe normally as you measure.


Measure around the widest part of your hips. This should include your hips and buttocks.

Recall the waist and hip measurements you took, and apply these to find your corresponding bikini bottom size!

TeenyB Size Waist Hip
XS (0-2) 24" - 26" 32" - 34"
S (2-4) 26" - 28" 34" - 36"
M (4-6) 28" - 30" 36" - 38"
L (6-8) 30" - 32" 38" - 40"
XL (8-10) 32" - 34" 40" - 42"

Our Bottoms are designed with minimal coverage. They are low cut in the front and narrow in the back. They are intended to fit low and snugly around the hips. Certain styles have more stretch.

Notes on Specific Styles

B.Classic Style

This style is true to size, appearing to have more coverage due to wider binding. The elastic is thicker around the hips.

B.Naturale Style

Also true to size, B.Naturale’s wider binding offers more coverage. There’s no elastic in the side straps, making this style the option with the most stretch. This style works for all body types. If you’re between sizes, consider sizing down.

B.Luxe Style

B.Luxe is a great option for all body types. Opposed to the classic style, this design’s narrow binding gives the bottom a smaller look with minimal Brazilian-inspired coverage in the back. The elastic is thinner around the hips, giving you more stretch.

B.Couture Style

For this style, the Oasis and Sirens trims have a snug fit with little stretch; if you are between sizes, size up. The Uptown and Crossroads trims are true to size.

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