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The Best Beaches in Greece

The Best Beaches in Greece

Greece is a country famed for its rich history and culture, known the world over as the “cradle of Western civilization”, a place where the origins of democracy, philosophy, political science, as well as major contributions to mathematics and natural sciences all stem from.

With the eleventh longest coastline in the world, Greece’s many islands hold beautiful vistas of wind-swept rock faces, turquoise waters, and stunning beaches that welcome tourists to its many resorts and beachside towns to bask in its wild beauty and relax its crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

While a complete list of the best Greek beaches would be overwhelming, we at TeenyB compiled a list of some of our favorite must-see locations, hidden getaways, and beautiful beaches in an island-hopping list that is sure to delight and surprise both the world-trekking traveler and the simple backpacker looking for a cool place to visit during the summer months.

The Cyclades

The Cycladic islands are comprised of about two hundred and twenty islands, the most famous of which are Mykonos and Santorini, both of which have influenced and lent their namesakes to two TeenyB bikini styles, the Mykonos one-piece, and the Santorini one-piece. However, it is the archipelago’s collection of natural pine forests, blue lagoons, and party-loving vibe that really draws us in for an extended stay!

Two of our favorite spots are the isolated and small beaches of Vagia and Lia on the island of Serifos with their golden sand beaches. Tucked out of the way of busier locales, these beaches offer quiet spots perfect for families, just don’t forget the vacation essentials, as these are tucked away places are far from the bustle of the city.

Whereas Lia and Vagia offer isolated, family-friendly beach getaways, Koufonissi beach is located on the busier island of Naxos and features rocky shores and cliffs that overhang blue waters that splash against the rocks of hidden coves. Perfect for the cliff diving daredevils and capturing a few Instagram worthy shots too!

However, if you are more of the party animal looking for a fun and exciting nightlife experience right by the beach, sailing over to the island of Mykonos would be right up your alley. With a summer party mood, the gorgeous, white sand beaches of Psarrou, Paraga, and Ftelia are perfect for those looking for excitement and wild times on their vacation.

All that being said, we would be remiss for not including the must-see island of Milos; which boasts a slower pace than the party-loving Mykonos. Perfect for families or vacationers looking for something a bit slower and languid to enjoy as the island possesses more than seventy wind-shaped shores to explore. Milos is truly an all-around gorgeous experience.

The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are home to the Odyssey’s hero, Odysseus, and have been the subjects of the Byzantines, the Venetian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, part of the British Empire, and finally the Greek Republic. Their long history has formed a unique culture that fuses Italian, Turkish, and Greek heritages into an island lifestyle that’s unique and indescribable.

Generally speaking, the Ionian Islands are calmer, lusher, and greener than most of their island counterpoints. With pine forests, nature preserves, and wooded inlets that mark the interior of the islands. Such spots intrinsically make great destinations for the nature-oriented vacationer, but the Ionian beaches are just as breathtaking as well.

The island of Corfu is the second largest and most densely wooded island and holds a special place within Ancient Greek mythology. However, its beaches are nothing to turn your nose up at either. The island has many beaches to match any type of vacationer; whether that’s families and children soaking up the sun on Avlaki beach, wind sport daredevils in Agios Georgios or the secluded Peroulades with its white, mountainous cliffs create a perfect tanning locale.

However, the western part of Corfu is an especially great spot for beach destinations, from the largest being Halikounas, as well as Ergemmi and Kathsima being some of our top picks. Another great option is to hop a ferry over to the island Lefkada, especially if you are into surfing! Porto Katsiki is an especially gorgeous beach to check out during your stay there with its cerulean waters and milky-white sandy beaches.

The last two islands within our Ionian picks are Zakythnos (the third-largest island of the grouping) and its small twin sister island of Paxos. As with Mykonos, Zakynthos is a prime spot for Millennial travelers looking to reveal in the nightlife atmosphere filled with nightclubs, beach bars, and restaurants that cater specifically to the late-night crowd. Meanwhile, Paxos is better suited for those looking for something “slower”. It’s the smallest island within the Ionians but its white-pebbled beaches and coves are perfect spots to take a boat to for a relaxing day of lounging and swimming.


Whereas the Cycladic and Ionian areas of Greece are comprised of multiple islands in-and-of-themselves, Crete holds a special place within Greece. It the largest and most populous island out of all of Greece, the eighty-eighth largest island in the world, and was once home to one of Europe’s first civilizations, the Minoans.

Like the Ionian islands, Crete has a range of forested areas, coastal towns, and cities, but also possesses Mount Ida and the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) which forms a mountain range that spans the entire island from West to East. The variety of geography of Crete, historical sites, and world-famous beaches makes the island an absolute must-see destination for any world traveler worth their salt.

Given Crete’s size, its coastline can be clogged with resort towns and tourist-oriented areas that can detract from the raw beauty of the island. Luckily its size also allows you to explore the more secluded beaches. Spots like Agia Galini, Agia Fotini, Agios Pavlas, Ligres, and Triopetra all have luckily been passed over by tourism development that offers secluded and quiet soft, sandy beaches that allow you to decompress from the hustle and bustle of the larger tourist traps on the island.

However, if you truly want to get away from it all, head towards Sfakia on the southwestern coast of the island, as the area is the least inhabited of the island. There you will find a gorgeous coastline highway that will lead you to the remote, pebbly beaches of Marmara and Finikas. Or perhaps, the magical pink sands Elafonisi is more your style if you are looking to capture breathtaking photos for Instagram.

The Sporades

The last Greek archipelago to round off our list consists of the Sporades islands. This grouping consists of twenty-four islands in total, with the most populous being Skiathos, Alonissos, Skyros, and Skopelos. These islands lay along the eastern coastline of the Greek mainland. Rugged like the Cyclades yet possessing a low-key and elegant charm like the Ionian islands, the Sporades are a great choice for those looking for nature-filled adventures, party-like atmospheres, and breathing takingly gorgeous beaches all rolled into one.

Starting at Skiathos, which boasts the only proper airport in the archipelago, you will find that the fun-loving pulse of Vromolimnos and Koukouaries is perfectly tailored to you if you enjoy your nightlife and water sports. Both beaches possess fragrant pine forests, some of the finest white sand in the Mediterranean, and the local area is full of tourist delights. It’s no surprise then that both beaches have been consistently voted as some of the best beaches in all of Greece; quite the brag if you ask us.

Meanwhile, a short boat ride to the islands of Skopelos and Alonissos features a shared common area in their National Marine Park (which is the largest of its kind within Europe) and is perfect for a family looking for a day full of scuba diving adventures. Afterward, be sure to soak up the sun and relax at Kokkinokastro beach which features gorgeous red rock cliff faces that surround the beach.

Rounding out your jaunt around the Sporades, the island Skyros boasts the most untouched beaches in the form of Pefkos beach which is surrounded by a lush green landscape that surrounds this small coast. Another great option to check out is Kalamitsa beach but be sure to get there early as this pebbled beach is quite narrow and fills up quickly due it’s surrounding scenic vista of rolling Grecian countryside and sapphire waters.

With a wide variety of locales perfectly suited for every type of vacation, the Grecian islands are guaranteed to create travel memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life (and perhaps a few dazzling Instagram photos too!). Hopefully, our list has given you some inspiration and insight into planning your next vacation! From their ancient history, breath-taking geography, and wide variety between each and every island, a beach-hopping Greek vacation should be on anyone’s travel bucket list if you ask us.

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