Essential Skincare Tips to Practice at Home

Essential Skincare Tips to Practice at Home

We're all finding ways that we can cope at home, so it's no wonder that people are now focusing on skincare as a way to stay sane and nurture themselves. Indeed, with Fortune noting that new skincare brands are cropping up almost overnight, it's clear that many of us value taking care of our skin.

The problem is that once you've stayed home for long enough, it can be easy to lose track of these small habits and neglect your skincare routine altogether. As a brief refresher, below are essential skincare tips you should practice even when you're at home.

Drink Water

Our post on Tips for Stress Reduction at Home covered how staying active is a great mood-booster, so you're probably well aware of how you need to drink water and stay hydrated. But what you may not know is that you need to drink water if you want glowing skin! According to registered dietitian nutritionist Carielle Nikkel, water helps flush away toxins from the body. This may result in a better glow for your skin.

Pick the Right Cleanser

Cleansing your face day and night is an absolute must. However, not every cleanser will work with your skin. Some may leave you feeling and looking squeaky clean, while others only exacerbate your underlying skin problems. There's no easy way to find the "right" one other than to test it. Buy a small bottle and dab it onto the back of your hand; see if it has any adverse effects the following day. You can also ask your friends for recommendations and read up on reviews to know that you're making the right pick.

Always Keep Skin Moisturized

A moisturizer keeps your skin balanced. If you have oily skin, moisturizing can help keep acne at bay; for those with dry skin, moisturizing keeps your skin soft and supple. Consistency is also key, as you don't want a formula that's too thick and makes your skin feel heavy. As with your cleanser, test different moisturizers to see what works best on your skin.

Keep Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a critical step in any skincare regimen, as pointed out by Today's report on dermatologist-recommend sunscreens. However, there's a misconception that you don't need it if you just stay at home — and this can be especially harmful if you live somewhere as sunny as Florida. That's because harmful UVA rays can still reach your skin even when you're inside your home, so it's important to wear sunscreen every day and reapplying at regular intervals. Thankfully, monoi oil has all the effects of sunscreen without the leftover oily feeling. Plus, it has no chemical additives.

Don't Forget About Your Body

Last but not least, don't forget that proper skincare entails taking care of your entire body. Stocking up on body lotion and applying it before bed keeps your skin happy; plus, how nice will it feel to wake up to supple and soft skin every morning? While taking care of your face is a good step in and of itself, don't forget to send that care to the rest of your body too.

Skincare is a necessary act of self-care. Spending a few minutes of your day to really nurture your skin gets you in touch with your own body, beauty, and knowing that you're taking care of yourself can help you stay sane at home.

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Bea Noblez is a skincare enthusiast with a proud nighttime routine that has kept her sensitive skin soft and wrinkle-free at the age of 30. Her current obsession is Pretty Mes moisturizer, which is sourced from natural ingredients in her home country. In fact, Pretty Me’s AR Vitamin E Cream review cites that its formula is light enough to work on all skin types. It certainly helps that vitamin E is a known skincare ingredient trusted by women all around the world. Most of her skincare products, including her cleanser, also contain a healthy amount of vitamin E.

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