Full Body Workout at Home with Three Easy Movements

Full Body Workout at Home with Three Easy Movements

We first met Taylor Andrews a few years ago through our photographer, Jose Luis. Taylor was shooting with Jose for her own portfolio at the time. We saw a video from their day of shooting together, and we were inspired to start a working relationship with Taylor for a TeenyB photoshoot opportunity that we had coming up.

We always enjoy working with models who inspire us, in this instance, Taylor, being a professional trainer and life coach, inspired us with some of our fitness routines and how we approach a mindful fitness session and mental session. Flash-forward to the pandemic of 2020, we couldn’t be more thankful to have had an on-going relationship with Taylor and the mindfulness she infuses into her workouts, but also her perspective on life.

So, what is taylorandrewsofficial all about? I am a firm believer that everything starts in the mind. Once we have conquered things there, the rest will follow. As a professional, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. I find joy in helping others reach their goals, not just during a session, but in between sessions as well.

I think it’s important to be genuine and AVAILABLE. I take pride in being available to my clientele 24/7. It’s important to know who has your back

If you book me, you will be getting a hands-on personal trainer with a ‘hands-off ’(COVID-19) approach! I won’t leave you hanging and I am quick to respond. I am results-driven and only take on clients that are serious about their health journey and ready to make that leap.

These are interesting times that we are living in and it is important that we remember to be physically and mentally active. Releasing endorphins while getting the heart rate up and building a sweat once a day or at least every other day is a great way to decrease stress, anxiety, and even alleviate depression. Physical activity is just as rewarding physically as it is mentally.

I myself, have totally gotten used to working out at home. My three favorite go to moves are:

  1. Skaters
  2. Fire Hydrant to Donkey Kick
  3. Modified Burpee with Shoulder Press
With these three easy movements, you are getting a full-body workout: cardio, glutes, core, and arms.

Complete these as a circuit 3x each.


This is a cardiovascular exercise to get your heart rate up. The lateral jump activates your leg's muscle groups while bringing your focus to stability and balance.

How to: With legs slightly bent and shoulder-width apart, bring one leg behind at a slight angle. The front knee will be bent. Begin to incorporate your arms to power you into a hop to switch sides. This will look like a 'skating' motion.

30 reps

Watch this video on how to properly execute these movements:

Fire Hydrant to Donkey Kick

The focus of this exercise is the gluteal muscles, hip flexors, hamstrings, and core.

How to: Begin on your hands and knees. As you do the fire hydrant exercise, kick your leg up to the side, the core must tighten to gain balance. Bring the leg back to neutral and then donkey kick your leg up to the ceiling keeping a flexed glute to activate the proper muscles.

15 reps each side

Watch this video on how to properly execute these movements:

Modified Burpee with Shoulder Press

This movement incorporates the full body.

How to: Begin standing shoulder-width apart. As you head into a high plank, step each leg back one at a time. Repeat this motion as you step the legs back up into a squatting position while grabbing the dumbbells. Make sure that your knees are behind your toes, chest up, and return to a standing position. From here, press the dumbbells directly above the head. Set the dumbbells back down in a squat position while heading back into your high plank.

10 reps.

Watch this video on how to properly execute these movements:

Check out my favorite sporty swim top for outdoor workouts: The Strappy Cutout Crop

This top fits like a sports bra and has just the right amount of support!

Training and helping others was always a passion, but it wasn’t until this year that I developed my love for life coaching as well. I had always aided my clientele where I could with life outside of the gym, but recently turned that into a part of my business and one of the services I now offer online.

I often am asked what a session via Facetime entails/looks like. I had always told myself that I would never move to doing things remotely as it felt more impersonal to me, but with recent life changes due to Covid-19 amongst other things, I found this gave me an opportunity to reach more people in need.

Prior to a session, I like to get to know the client a little bit with some basic questions. During a first training session, I go over basic nutrition, take the client's measurements (optional), go over their 2 top goals, & run through a short fitness assessment to gain knowledge for where we will begin.

I do not like to weigh my clients and focus too much on the number because it really is more about how you feel in your own skin and in your clothes vs. what the number on the scale says.

Equipment is minimal as this is a session at one’s home or gym they may have access to. We can train with anything the client has available from having nothing at all, to having equipment such as a bosu ball, dumbbells, jump rope, resistance bands, etc for a workout plan.

Another question is typically: “how often should I train?” I have clients that train 6 days a week, and some that only train once a week. Everyone is unique and at different fitness levels with a different goal. Usually, I recommend starting with a base of twice a week and go from there as we further assess. The harder the client is willing to work, the quicker the result, so it’s really up to them on how they would like to proceed.

My favorite thing to tell clients is: YOU’VE GOT THIS ☺

Enjoying a fitness session from home seems to be our new routine during this ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, with the availability of technology and with individuals like Taylor, having someone cheering for you to succeed is a breath of fresh air during these daunting times. Trying to keep a routine is hard enough, add in all of the uncertainties this year has handed us, we don’t know up from down most days.

Getting our heart pumping, and sweating out our frustrations, has been a welcomed change of mind that we needed. We don’t know about you, but we are inconsistent at best when it comes to managing a workout routine, having the tools and full-body circuit style moves Taylor provides have made us feel like we can keep some consistency moving forward. Maybe it will help keep us sane too!

Follow along for more from TeenyB and Taylor! Happy Sweating.

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